Catherine - Highly recommend Advantage Sports for swimming lessons! Particularly Harold he is fantastic! 

Rehana - Achieving fitness goals has always been a challenge. Over the years, I felt unmotivated and uninterested and I was afraid once I commit to something I will give up easily. Until I met Tash all that negative thinking started to change. She started out with a fitness test to see how much I can do and from then on would personalize different workouts according to my level of strength. This is my second week of training with her and I’m enjoying every minute of it. Tash is an awesome and motivational instructor and is always ready to get started. I love her enthusiasm and her drive to help and guide me towards a healthy and active lifestyle. I love being challenged so every session we’ve had so far Tash would challenge me with different upper body, core and leg workouts. I can tell a big difference from my day 1 fitness test to now, how much I can handle in terms of level of strength and energy. I can’t wait to continue to see results! She always reminds me to send her a message if I’m struggling with workouts or nutrition which shows she’s looking out for your wellbeing. If you want to connect with someone who is goal-oriented, fun to work with and who’s ready to get you moving towards a healthy path then I would highly recommend Tash. 👍🏾😁

Ronel  – Just wanted to say thank you and thank you to all your wonderful summer camp leaders. Matthew had loads of fun and Summer Camp and begged me on his off days to please go drop him at Camp! He thoroughly enjoyed it! 

Mayada - Nour is a wonderful swimming instructor, highly recommended 

Leona - I joined TroonFit in April with a view to get back on the fitness train and to distract myself from the mommy guilt and separation anxiety when my littlest one began his first term in nursery.  I was welcomed with open arms by the lovely group of ladies that attend morning classes and quickly learned that Vanessa was a firm favorite coach amongst them. I was apprehensive about starting some of the “harder” classes that Vanessa coaches but was encouraged to come along by other members.  Immediately I was put at ease by Vanessa who makes it her business to ensure that all of her clients are performing to their personal best and any niggles or injuries that they have are catered for in terms of an alternative exercise or by modifying the exercise. Within weeks I found myself attending as many of her classes as I could, be it strong, TBC, or Tabata and have also carried out some PT sessions. I really enjoy how Vanessa strives to make every class different. Her classes and personal training sessions are always fun and energetic and most importantly get results. Vanessa manages to structure her sessions so that we have a fun and active environment, however takes the time to make sure our form and technique is correct when we are carrying out the various exercises. Her kind, friendly yet persistent nature has given me the encouragement and enthusiasm needed to keep attending even while my children are on school holidays.  Over the past few months through group classes and PT sessions Vanessa has been instrumental in my personal fitness journey. I look forward to the new Troon Fit term in September and to seeing what new ways Vanessa can come up with to put us through our paces.

Sara - Advantage Sports is an extremely professional sports club. Coaches are very well qualified and experienced and management knows how to match coaches’ expertise to clients’ requirements and needs. I had a wonderful time working with Sudesh who is specialized in stroke development and who was able to improve my freestyle technique with stroke analysis, drills and general swim coaching. I was looking into getting more efficient in the open water for my triathlon races and he did a great job making me feel the water and swim more smoothly.

Deirdre - I absolutely recommend coaches mentioned by Maria. They’s worked with me for over two years. He really knows his stuff and is both friendly and very patient 🙏🏼 he is also knowledgeable in working with postpartum issues such as diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles) and nutrition issues.

Daniela - Coach Neeraj, Thanks for this nice and productive term. The kids had a great time and they improved the swimming skills. Can’t wait for more sessions in January 2019. Happy New Year 🎉

Maryam  - " I have only just started at home PT sessions with Tash but I can already tell she is a great trainer who will without a doubt help me achieve my fitness goals. Aside from being very well experienced at her job Tash also has a very positive and energetic personality that motivates me a lot especially during our morning sessions. I am truly looking forward to the next chapter of my fitness journey with Tash as my trainer."

Mira – “My daughter learned so much from her lessons with Coach Chris at Advantage Sports UAE.  She loved going to the lessons. He is amazing. Highly recommend.”

British International School of Abu Dhabi - I would like to use this opportunity to say a big thank you for all the effort, time and considerations you put into making  the Breast Cancer Awareness Coffee morning a very successful event.  We have had nothing but very positive feedbacks from parents, teachers and our invited guests and speakers. There were 44 winners from the raffle draw, which was sponsored by key players in the Abu Dhabi's hospitality and entertainment industry. Amidst the wealth of information gained and awareness created, we also raised 15,900 dirhams from the raffle draw and coffee morning donations.  Please extend our heartfelt gratitude to the management of your establishment.

Judy - We have used Advantage Sports for our children’s swimming lessons for many years now. They have quality swim coaches and we have never been disappointed.  We are currently using Dianna for our 4 year old daughter and she has been amazing. Super patient and experienced dealing with our talkative stubborn daughter. She has thrived in just a few lessons. Thank-you!

Arinta - I started training with personal trainer Fabiola about a year ago. At the time I have never been to gym before in my life and completely new to any kind of fitness activity. Fabi guided me from the very basic of fitness until I gain strength significantly and improve my overall health and fitness. She pushed me to achieve levels of strength I have never imagined before! After Fabi moved back to her home country, I started training with Barbara. This is during the covid-19 pandemic. We practiced through Zoom app. Even though we could not see each other in person, Barbara guided me through all the movements very clearly. She also motivated me to commit to health and fitness overall. Bottom line is, the advantage sports personal trainers are very professional and so good at motivating me to get more fit each day. Thanks especially to trainers Fabiola and Barbara. Love you.

Weng - I take this opportunity to thank you for all the sports lessons you have given to me and to my son, Ravi — for about 3 years in Abu Dhabi. All the best with your company.

Chantelle – Advantage Sports TRX Class makes a change from the boring gym!! I need to be pushed to limits and found the group great, different people with different levels of fitness but not competitive or intimidating! Loved it!

Caroline - Maria Inglis & Advantage Sports UAE are amazing and one of the approved providers Jason  is wonderful, his aqua aerobics classes are brilliant too.  We also had lessons with Jayne and Hattie loved her and gained so much confidence. 

Nicholla – Maria I'd like to compliment your team down at the Summer Camp.  Jason and all the coaches are awesome with the kids.  Its been a bit of an awkward summer for us and the team have always been great.  Jessica always comes home happy and talking about the fun she has had.  You have a great team and your team deserve the recognition. Its not often in our lives we get recognition for efforts so I am always happy to share this testimonial. 

Mona - “I’m gladly sharing my experience with the Personal Trainer Barbara, who is not only a professional but also a well experienced trainer, she is very kind and listens to her clients concerns, makes you feel comfortable while exercising and makes sure to check on her clients performance and nutrition goals continuously.  What’s more important is that at each session she explains what exercise will be performed and for which muscles group which is very useful for the client to understand how they are progressing.  I have enjoyed my sessions with her and for anyone who is looking for a good personal trainer i would definitely recommend Barbara.”


Yasmine - Harold is teaching my four year old twin girls how to swim and we couldn’t have asked for a better instructor! The girls have improved so quickly and I  owe that to Harold’s patience and passion for teaching kids how to swim. My girls instantly got along with Harold, trusted him and were fearless!  I could not believe how quickly they learnt how to swim underwater! They always look forward to swimming class with Harold so if you are looking for an instructor who is friendly with kids, trustworthy, and punctual Harold is your guy!

Mary - Thank you Advantage sports for having Leila in ur team , she is extremely passionate and professional in what she does .Because of her I have been committed to my training for the past year and can’t wait to start again this coming week after a long vacation see u soon Leila 💪🏻

Rita - Swim classes with Jayne are perfect! Extremely patient and amazing instructor. Can’t wait for the classes to resume!


Victoria - Archie went with my nephew and they both had a great time... highlights included the food (delicious) and Jason 'who is the strongest man in the world' but also ''very good at protecting'. The fact that some of it was indoors which helped; as they weren't baking hot and also they were fed. Both boys were happy, calm and content when I picked them up. Thank you.

Natalie - Advantage Sports UAE are amazing and one of the approved provider. We are doing our lessons with Jason at the Golf Club with Advantage and he has been amazing with my two. Highly Recommend.

Mariam - I had the pleasure of training with Malou postpartum and before resuming work. Her training was fun, creative and catered to my needs. The results from both her training and guided diet were visible from week 1! I highly  recommend her to anyone who wants a quick but sustainable transformation!

Joanna - My boys have been swimming here for almost 2 years, starting from the baby classes with Jason and now with Sudesh for the past year. They are 3 & 4 years old and both love the water! The swimming classes are the highlight of the week. The instructor is positive, professional and makes it all look like 30mins of fun! I absolutely recommend the instructor and Advantage Sports UAE!

ZSuzanna - The last few weeks I've been doing online sessions with Veronika Hirsch. She helped me keeping motivated and doing exercises on a regular basis even while having to stay at home. I'm enjoying these sessions, the variety of the exercises are excellent, the flow is easy to follow, the instructions are clear, the sessions are suitable for beginners and for more experienced participants as well.  I can highly recommend her classes.

Lisa - Really enjoyed Zumba this morning, great for beginners though still to work on some of my moves. Really worked up a sweat. Definitely back next week. Thanks to the instructor.

Renee - “My daughter loves her swimming lessons with Cris. She showed great improvement and confidence in the water, and is always keen each week to attend. My youngest always tries to sneak in to join in the fun as well.”

Caroline - I would like to share my review on training with Veronika.  I have had at least 4 hour training sessions with her and have already seen a positive difference in my fitness and body shape.. I was starting to gain weight especially around the tummy area and arms and I feel she has made a great effort to help me tone up . She listens and is very knowledgeable and patient with me.. she has a lovely energetic and positive manner so it’s easy to enjoy her company and I hope to carry on training with her in the future.

GEMS American Academy, Health & Wellness Summit - Thank you so much for all your help with this event. Please pass along my thanks to your coach; her dance station at today's "extreme recess" was a HUGE success, and the kids had a wonderful time! We are so grateful for all your support.  Jessica

Ghawiya - Andrea is a wonderful, motivational and, most importantly, knowledgeable personal trainer from Brazil. She is extremely passionate about fitness and this sets a positive “you can do it” vibe every time we meet. Each session is filled with the most effective exercises for me ensuring that each one is done correctly. She talks you through each exercise, what muscles are being used, and what to look forward to for future sessions. I never leave a session exhausted and sometimes wonder how the time passed by so quickly. She has great tips for what and when to eat as well as great recovery techniques post exercise. I managed to build muscles in areas that I didn’t even know existed :D. Every time I tell her that “this is getting easier” she responds with “no, you are just getting stronger”. She also provided me with exercises to do safely over the summer. I look forward to resuming my sessions with her in order to get stronger and healthier. If you are looking for a PT to help you transform your body, no matter what your current state is, then be sure to give Andrea a try.

Sandi - I'd like to thank all the team at Advantage Sports. I use Advantage Sports a lot! My older son attended the summer sport camp. He had a great time and made lots of friends! He loved the games, activities and all the Advantage Sports leaders. I felt quite comfortable leaving him there, knowing he was well looked after and enjoying himself. Thanks Jason, Maria and the whole Advantage Sports team!

Geraldine - I am into my second month with Leila as my Yoga teacher and have found her to be very informed about the movements she is teaching, the concept of Yoga on many levels and very articulate. She is also very aware of her students, their needs and their limitations.  She has no hesitation moving around the class and helping those struggling with certain movements. Also advising those who have had an injury which movements to take it easy on. We also have little bits of fun because we stagger a lot trying to hold certain positions.  I meet the same people each week (twice a week) so that in itself is a good recommendation. They obviously enjoy the class. I find the last part of the Yoga very relaxing and peaceful. Thank you Leila. I moved to Al Reef in May and have waited until now to find a teacher.  I am very happy with Leila.

Rose - I am a client with Veronoka. She is a great personal trainer. I like to doy exercises with her. She is a positive person as we now it is hard to control your food to lose weight. She always keeps on encouraging me. I will never give up and I will reach to my goal with advantage trainer.

EmiratesLNG –EmiratesLNG would like to take this opportunity to say ‘thank you to you and your team’ for supporting the Health Week. The Workshops and Personal Training sessions were very useful and informative to all staff. Looking forward to working with Advantage Sports UAE for EmiratesLNG Health Week next year and continued partnership.

Brinda - I have definitely seen my son progress through the last two terms with Sudesh and can see how each new skills builds upon the next. My little boy loves his swimming classes with Sudesh. He is a fantastic teacher, patient, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Definitely recommend Sudesh.

Ayesha – I am so lucky that I have found Advantage sports website! Leila is an incredible and patient teacher, she make me comfortable and motivated in every class! Her kind-hearted personality makes each session fun and allows me to feel comfortable in her practices, she gives me the chance to take my yoga to another level, she's fantastic!

Ricky - I first made contact with Jason back in November 2015 when I was looking for a swim coach for my son, Allan, who had just started his Bronze Award for the Duke of Edinburgh International Award and had selected swimming for the physical component of the award.  Jason was fantastic in helping Allan to build up on his stamina while improving on his swimming techniques. Thanks to Jason, Allan successfully achieved his Bronze award. He then continued swimming with Jason and also obtained his Silver award in June 2017.  Jason also coached my second son, Leo. Due to his swim lessons, Leo vastly improved on his stamina and this had a positive impact on his ability to play other sports.  I would highly recommend Jason to anyone looking for a swim coach.

Katarina - I recommend Advantage Sports for group as well as private fitness/yoga classes. I have enjoyed the professional knowledge of one of their coaches (Veronika Hirsch) who patiently explained all the exercises to me. Thank you for all your support and I wish you plenty happy clients! 🙏

Sara - Advantage Sports is an extremely professional sports club. Coaches are very well qualified and experienced and management knows how to match coaches’ expertise to clients’ requirements and needs. I had a wonderful time working with Sudesh who is specialized in stroke development and who was able to improve my freestyle technique with stroke analysis, drills and general swim coaching. I was looking into getting more efficient in the open water for my triathlon races and he did a great job making me feel the water and swim more smoothly.


Roxana - I really like all my workouts .... Fantastic!! Thank you Maria .


Monica – Leila has been a great yoga instructor. She has taken my health condition into account and only gives me basic moves suited to my ability. She has clearly researched my condition and the types of yoga poses that can help and has put this into practice. She varies the sessions so they don’t get repetitive and uses a mix of poses, meditation and breathing techniques. I am very happy with our sessions and would not hesitate to recommend Leila to others.

Susan – If you don't try you will never know. Best training trainers I ever met. They are amazing and tailor your workout according to your body requirements.

Megan -Jason was fabulous with the little ones. He is so patient and has a lovely manner. Was the best introduction to swimming we could have asked for, for our little lass.

Nicola – Great company, fantastic trainers, can't recommend them highly enough.

Girish -I am a tenant Gate Tower 3 in Abu Dhabi. I am taking tennis lessons from Keith. Within few days I have been able to be competitive within the group. This is just to express my satisfaction on my progress & would like to thank Keith for his contribution as coach.  Regards Girish 

Yasmine  - My experience with you has more than just routine exercises, I appreciate all your advises, especially the healthy food and how it affects the body and mind. I love the changes you make every week, your positive vibes, fun and energy. Even at days when I feel down or tired once you are in the room I start moving full of energy.  My body is more toned and fit thanks to you.  Keep up the amazing work💪🏻😘

Saba - I recommend Nour as swimming instructor . she is perfect.

Joseph - Jen's expertise both inside and outside the gym have enabled me to make long term and inoaxtful changes to my diet and fitness regime. Although challenging her sessions are worth it and produce some nearly instantaneous results.

Melissa - My 5 year old son started swimming lessons last term and is continuing this term with Coach Sudesh. He is a very kind, positive, and supportive teacher for young children. My son has learned so much and is now swimming like a pro...almost  ;) We couldn't be happier. Thank you, Coach Sudesh!!!!

Jess –I have been a personal and group training client for a little under two years. In my time with the Advantage, I have always felt like I was in safe hands. My trainer always turned up prepared for my sessions and no two training sessions were ever the same. I felt like they understood what I wanted to achieve and were flexible in helping me do that. Dealing with the admin side of the business is a breeze as well, and if I wasn't relocating from the UAE, I would continue being a client of this great company.

Darren - I would highly recommend Advantage Sports.  We have been using them for sometime now to help our children to progress with their swim. Advantage Sports provided us with the swimming coach Crisanto and he has been excellent. My children immediately took to Crisanto who is professional, friendly and knows how to deal with children in a friendly manner. Through Crisanto both of my children found confidence in the water and they have thrived with their swimming skills.

Linda - I was ready to begin my fitness journey, and specifically interested in one-on-one training with a professional female trainer. Tash was recommended and I am paying it forward! She is personable, professional, encouraging, motivating, and very thorough with her explanations and visuals to demonstrate proper technique and form to ensure you are safely and effectively achieving your fitness goals. You KNOW you exercised but are not overstrained! I’ve started my fourth week with Tash and continue to look forward to the commitment I’ve made to myself. I couldn’t ask for a better trainer to guide me through this journey. I wholeheartedly recommend Tash to anyone looking for great quality personal training.

Jacqueline – I would like to thank Maria for organising a Trainer to come to my home to continue my rehabilitation physiotherapy started by the hospital. So far the exercises using the TRX have been varied and not overly taxing at the time, I do know all about them later and take it really easy for the rest of the day - but my range of movement is improving slowly and pain levels are slightly down - both of which are a wonderful bonus. If anyone looking for a personal trainer give these guys a chance to prove themselves to you.


Sandi - I'd like to thank all the team at Advantage Sports. I use Advantage Sports a lot! I have a personal trainer, and he is fantastic. I had a hip injury which other supposed trainers made worse. My hip is great, I am stronger and much fitter. It is obvious that he really knows what he is talking about and makes workouts enjoyable, but tough enough to keep pushing you to new levels.  Thanks to Maria and the whole Advantage Sports team!

Aya - “My kids has been joining the swimming lesson by advantage sports since we arrived in Abu dhabi back in 2017. We had few different coach but they were all always good. The last coach we had was Mr Harold, he is fantastic working with children , very patient and also communicate with the kids in fun way. My boys love him. Thank you Mr Harold and thank you Advantage Sport.”


Cathy – I can highly recommend Maria Inglis team, I'm training with one of her PTs and I have lost 2stone since November! I can honestly say that the professional approach, injected with humor, allows the sessions to be tough but fun. I have not reached my goal yet but I will reach it months earlier than I had expected! Happy to answer questions if you have them. Thanks Maria! #endorsedwithpleasure

Zenza -I am dealing with this Group since July 2017. My son joined the swimming lessons, extremely happy with their professionalism and kindness. I have missed two lessons I thought that I will lose the lessons instead they arrange and schedule at the same time and place just by a simple email communication. They know very well what they are doing. Now my baby daughter 7 months will join them for aqua Baby so excited for her with the lovely coach Will. This group are OUSTANDING. Fitness in the Air. Very active, Highly Recommended. Wish you all the best.

Nicola - I was a regular at Jennifer’s Full Body Workout sessions and found them fun, motivating as well as challenging. Being in my mid fifties, Jennifer adapted some exercises and routines to suit my level, enabling me to keep up with the group. I can honestly say, that my strength and fitness has improved and I would highly recommend training with Jennifer, as she creates a friendly and relaxed environment giving you confidence to push yourself, and the results are great! 

Sarah - Our feedback would be that our little one is loving his swimming class and I think that this is a reflection of Jason’s style. He has a relaxed and gentle approach with the babies and our boy’s confidence is booming in the water. Jason is very accommodating to parents and changes in schedules etc. 

Urooj – Just wanted to let you know I have completed my 12 sessions with my trainer. She is an amazing trainer, she knows when to push you and when to let go. Thank you so much for sending her. I was on 111kg and now I am 95kg ... just following her guidance.

Lynsey - My Daughter started back at her swimming lessons today she was so pleased to see her coach after the long holiday. Her swimming has come on leaps and bounds since having him as a coach he really is amazing i would highly recommend him .  Thank you Advantage Sports

FB - “Since undertaking training sessions with Ryan, my overall strength and fitness has improved dramatically, I am now able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own. Ryan’s sessions are always fun, whilst he continues to mix up the training so it never gets boring. I can’t recommend him enough!”

Wally - I would give 5 stars to Jason. He is a very driven coach without many words who knows how to make kids enthusiastic for swimming and brings them on a higher level. After many different good and bad coaches for my kids I must certainly say that Jason really stands out. Thanks!

Rachel – We have both loved the classes and I feel Albie has learnt some great basic skills.

Jude - I’ve been training with Polly and I’ve started pretty recently she’s so amazing at what she does and manages to make me hate her and love her every session we have she puts a smile on my face even during the hardest of workouts and I’ve gotten such good results I look and feel great thanks to her.

Basak - Maria, I wanted to say that I really enjoyed the tennis classes this term. Keith is an excellent coach. Looking forward to next term in September. Thank you so much.

Arsheen - My daughter is learning swimming well. She is more confident and happy. Advantage sports is doing really well.

Jasmine - I have been training for some time with Tash and I would highly recommend her! She really listens to your goals and any restrictions you have (which I have experienced not all trainers do), and designs fun but challenging workouts based on what you want to achieve. Tash is always on time, very easy to get along with and comes really well prepared with your workout all mapped out. I’m already seeing a difference in my strength and definition and I’m excited to continue training with her. I was previously making excuses about having had a child or being the ‘wrong’ side of 30 to be really fit. When you see how fit Tash is you quickly realize really there is no excuse 🤣 Would highly recommend her to anyone looking to make some fitness changes in their life 

Heather - Maria, just wanted to let you know Jason is a fabulous coach for Isabelle. Our daughter has been taking swim lessons with Advantage sports for the last three terms from AquaBabies to Learn to Swim Stage 1 and the coaches have been fabulous. Coach Jason has been so very patient with Isabelle, even when she is deciding that she is done with a particular task, he can still get her to engage and participate. Her confidence as a swimmer has increased with each session and we see new improvements after each lesson. Thank you for the awesome service and coaches. xx

Ahmad - My children and I train with Matt, she is the reason I started playing tennis. Thanks for not getting sick and tired of seeing us so many days a week!!

Rachel – Just a quick note to say Thank you to Jason, Both Layla and Austin have come on leaps and bounds in the last month of lessons. Layla swam 20m in a front crawl(ish) style this weekend and couldn’t be more proud of herself. Jason is very fair and encouraging and keeps Austin in line which we are very thankful for! e have booked again for next term and very much looking forward to seeing them progress!

Josephine - My favorite thing about Jen’s exercise classes was her ability to keep her workouts both interesting and challenging. Each week Jen modified the class, which kept me motivated and coming back.  Even if I wasn’t sure wasn’t sure what work out we would be doing each week, I knew I would get a good workout. The class was a perfect balance of cardio and strength training. There was always a good mixture of cardiovascular exercises like running and strength-building exercises like lunges, weights, push-ups and crunches. Jen does a great job of motivating and energizing her students (regulars and newcomers), and the constantly changing activities definitely get you sweating. Exercising in Jen’s class was fun and physically rewarding. Whilst you could choose your own pace, Jen helps you to push yourself and I definitely managed more than I do when I am working out alone.

Lamia - I had my lessons with nour, she is a perfect instructor i have ever seen, kind, helpful, friendly patient person. 5 stars for her and the whole company. 

Julian - Tennis coach Matt is awesome! My 11 years old son enjoys tennis lessons with Matt. It's not just training but lot of fun and joy! Highly recommend!

Sandi - I'd like to thank all the team at Advantage Sports. I use Advantage Sports a lot! Both my sons have swim lessons with Jason and have improved a lot in a short space of time. Jason is a great swim coach. Great with children, and patient. My kids really enjoy their swimming classes.   Thanks  Maria Advantage team!

Genevieve - Advantage Sport has been coaching me in the Masdar classes for over 6 months and I thoroughly enjoyed every single session as they are always fun, tiring and very rewarding physically. My PT is a  very nice, respectful and professional trainer.  He knows how to push you the limit and always try to make every class different and never boring.  I have improved significantly the last months thanks to his hard working classes and I am looking forward to becoming even stronger in the future.

Marcin - Marco is one of two best coaches I was working for my whole tennis "career" (9 years). For group lesson he keeps high pace and varies drills so you don’t feel bored. The most important is that even during group lesson he is able to instantly give individual feedback and give you balls regarding your skills and allowing you to develop. For individual lessons Marco eliminates your faults giving proper drills and explaining in details why you should change. You can notice progress hour by hour. Good job! Thanks Marco!

Sadaf - I’ve an amazing experience with Andrea, she makes workouts fun, I feel so good talking to her during the sessions, she’s knowledgeable and motivating.

She is training me to be strong not only physically but also mentally and emotionally, I’ve learned so much and adapted an active lifestyle. thanks to her.

Wasim -I would like to thank the tennis trainers Marco and his colleagues ..... Your are doing a great job with the kids. I highly recommend Advantage Sports UAE.

Chloe - I attended Jen’s fitness class twice a week for two years and really miss it! Jen’s routines are well organized and vary from week to week so I was never bored. She is a great motivator and encourages you to push yourself to your limits. That said her classes suit all fitness levels and Jen is happy to adjust certain exercises for those needing to work at a different pace. I got much better results from training with Jen than I did from going to the gym. Her classes give you an all over body workout - they’re great for toning as well as weight loss. I highly recommend Jen as a personal trainer! Chloe

Susan – Dear Matt, What can I say the twins has such a great time with you.... you're an amazing coach and the kids love you, I look forward to seeing you next week as the kids didn't want to come home!! Definitely recommend this company.