Swimming In Abu Dhabi

Children Age 6 months +

Aqua Baby 

The Advantage Aqua Baby program allows parents to bond with their babies in a relaxed and enjoyable aquatic environment. Our Aqua Baby classes build water familiarization and confidence through a mix of songs, activities and games. These classes are beneficial for both babies and adults, providing a forum where parents can explore relevant issues and learn to feel confident around the water with their children 


Children Swimming

The Advantage Water Recreation & Learn To Swim program focuses on the development of swimming technique as well as the importance of water safety. Here the emphasis is on water confidence and gaining independence in an aquatic environment, with each level building on skills previously learned. By the end of the program children will be able to perform freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly competently and they will be knowledgeable with regards to safety in an aquatic environment. 


The Advantage Stroke Correction Class concentrates on the improvement and development of technique and stamina. These levels are squad orientated and provide swimmers with a more competitive, yet still sociable environment, in which to sharpen their skills. Skills required for competitive swimming such as starts, turns and finishing techniques are introduces and explored.


The Advantage Swim Squad is the culmination of swim school and prepares swimmers to join the Advantage Swim Club. At this level swimmers start training to compete. Swimmers are encouraged to swim at least twice a week to build the endurance and fitness required for competitive club swimming. Swimmers at squad level are educated with regards to training, competition and squad etiquette. This combination ensures an all round developed swimmer.


Requirements for Starfish Level - Beginner with little or no swimming experience.

Entry: Enter and exit the pool safely, Sitting and jumping in aided.

Face and bubbles: Fully submerge face and hold breath for 3 seconds, I can blow surface bubbles.

Float: I can float on my front with support and aid, I can float on my back with support and aid.

Body Position: Legs - I can kick on my front with support and aid, Arms - I can show alternate arm action (Doggy Paddle).

Breathing: Heads up.


Requirements for Jellyfish Level - Can put face into water,  Can float on front & back assisted,  Jump in sitting unaided.

Entry: Enter and exit the pool safely,  Sitting and jumping in unaided,  Standing and jumping in aided.

Face and Bubbles: Fully submerge head for 3-5 seconds, Blow underwater bubbles (eyes open), Retrieve objects – submerged (eyes open).

Float:  Front float 5 seconds – unassisted, Back float 5 seconds – unassisted

Body Position: Introduction to front glide, Introduction to back glide, Legs -  Kick on front with aid

Kick on back with aid and support,  Arms - I can show alternate arm action (Doggy Paddle).

Breathing: Pop up Breathing

Requirements for Crayfish Level - Can float on front and back for at least 5 seconds unassisted,  Jump in standing aided, Pencil dive/rocket/basic glide 2m.    

Entry: Enter and exit the pool safely, Standing and jump in swim to safety, unaided, Face and bubbles, 10 bobs with underwater bubbles.

Float: Front float with recovery 5s, Back float with recovery 5s, Turning over front to back and back to front assisted.

Body Position: Front glide with recovery, Back glide with recovery, Legs - Flutter kick on front 5m, Legs - Flutter kick on back assisted, Arms -  Introduction to front crawl arm action.

Breathing: Pop up Breathing.

Timing:  Combined stroke on front 5m, Orientation to deep water.

Requirements for Seahorse Level - Can swim on front 5m, Kick on back 5m, Freestyle arm action, Jump in deep swim to safety/wall.

Entry: Introduction to tread water 10s.

Face and bubbles:  15 bobs with underwater bubbles.

Float:  Front float with recovery 10s, Back float with recovery 10s, Turning over front to back and back to front unassisted.

Body Position: Front glide 2m, Back glide 2m, Front glide with kick 5s, Back glide with kick 5s, Legs - Introduction Breaststroke kick, Legs Introduction Butterfly kick, Arms - Freestyle, alternating arms, 10m

Introduction backstroke arms.

Breathing: Introduction to side breathing.

Timing: Front crawl – alternating arm, catch, breath & kick, some side breathing – 10m Basic Backstroke 5m.

Requirements for Guppy Level - Can swim 10m on front and back with arms

Tread water for 5s, Knowledge/understanding of breaststroke and butterfly – Basic strokes.

Entry: Tread water 10s,  10 deep water bobs, Jump into deep water and return to safety.

Float: Survival float-keep head above the water 1 minute

Body Position: Legs - Breaststroke kick ­10m, Legs - Butterfly kick 10m, Arms - Introduction to Breaststroke arms, Arms - Introduction to Butterfly arms.

Breathing: Some side breathing. 

Timing: Freestyle 25m, Combined stroke on back 10m, Retrieve objects from bottom of the pool.

Requirements for Dolphin Level - Can tread water for at least 20s, Can swim 25m on front with arm action and some side breathing, Can swim 25m on back with arm action and kick, Breaststroke kick and stroke knowledge, Butterfly kick and stroke knowledge.

Entry: Tread water 30s, Diving kneeling and compact position.

Float: Survival floating – keep head above the water 1 minute.

Body Position: Streamline Push off, Legs - Breaststroke 25m, Legs - Butterfly kick 25m, Arms - Breaststroke Arms 25m, Arms - Butterfly stroke 10 m- no breath.

Breathing: Side breathing.

Timing: Freestyle 25m, Backstroke 25m, Introduction to full breaststroke.

Turns: Introduction to somersaults, Learn safe diving rules. 

Requirement for Shark Level - Freestyle 25m – side breathing, Backstroke 25m, Basic Breaststroke, Basic Butterfly.

Entry: Tread water 30s, Diving – stride and standing positions.

Float: Survival floating -  keep head above the water 2 minutes.

Body Position: Streamline Push off, Legs - Freestyle kick 25m, Legs - Backstroke kick 25m, Legs -  Breaststroke kick 25m, Legs - Butterfly kick 25m, Arms - Freestyle arms 25m, Arms - Backstroke arms 25m, Arms - Breaststroke arms 25m, Arms - Butterfly arms 25m.

Breathing: Correct breathing for stroke

Timing: Freestyle 50m, Backstroke 25m, Breaststroke 25m, Butterfly 25m

Turns: 2 Somersaults, Introduction to tumble turn, Introduction to Backstroke turn, Introduction to Breaststroke turn, Introduction to Butterfly turn, Learn safe diving rules.

Requirement for Killer-Whale Level - Competent in Freestyle 100m, Competent in Backstroke 100m, Competent in Breaststroke 100m, Competent in Butterfly 100m

Dive, Turns – all strokes.

Strokes: 200m IM, Freestyle 200m, Backstroke 200m, Breaststroke 200m, Butterfly 100m.

Starts and Turns: Dive, Turns, Other Skills, Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly – counting arms, Breaststroke – Counting kicks.


Adults Age 18 +

Aqua Tone

This invigorating class held in the pool improves cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strength and endurance using the buoyancy and resistance of the water to give you a safe, effective, fun and "no sweat" workout. It also allows a break from "impact" on the body so you are getting a great workout without pounding your joints, ligaments and tendons.


Adult Lessons 

Advantage Swim School offers 3 levels of adult classes – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Emphasis in our Adult classes is on creating a relaxed and encouraging environment where adult swimmers can learn basic swim strokes while developing water confidence and safety skills. Intermediate and Advanced classes offer the opportunity to refine technique and build fitness.


Adult Swim Fit

Adult Swim Fit is designed to help students to become a more efficient and faster swimmer. You maybe new to the sports or a seasoned swimming athlete. Advantage have the knowledge to help you improve your skills, strength and fitness and it comes to your swimming goals and objectives.


Private Classes

Private swimming lessons offer students of all ages the opportunity to get personalized, one-on-one training to enhance their technique and results. The flexible nature of these lessons allows them to be tailored to suit the specific needs and learning style of each student, resulting in accelerated progress.


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