Marina Square – Three60 Managed Property


Marina Square – Run & Managed by Three60 Leisure


Everything we do at Three60 Leisure aims to assist  to improve the lifestyles of the communities that we serve. We listen and assist to reach higher, do better and live healthier, happier lives.


For us, quality is a daily responsibility. Apart from our quality leisure & lifestyle management practices, we have a "not-too-secret" ingredient that enables us to serve up high-quality services through a diverse, skilled and experienced team of people who are passionate leisure & lifestyle management.

Crafting the best Sports & Leisure Amenities with superior management is also part of our portfolio, and like our Leisure & Lifestyle management we strive to do it at the next level.


•  Design Consulting & Conceptualization.

•  Feasibility Studies & Business Planning.


•  Risk Assessment.

•  Project Management.

•  Program Development.

•  Staffing Management.

•  Leisure Amenities Management.