Advantage Sports UAE are delighted to share our new column with media partners Abu Dhabi World "Ask the Expert"... together we will be bringing you expert columns from trainers at Advantage Sports to help bust a few myths and help guide you in your fitness goals.



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Advantage Sports UAE are delighted to share our top tips and articles from trainers at Advantage Sports to help bust a few myths and help guide you in your fitness goals. Click on the topic that you're keen to learn more on and hopefully your questions will be answered:


Children Fitness

Benefit of Football for Kids.. READ MORE

Swimming for Kids Fitness... READ MORE

Teenage Weight Management... READ MORE

Circuit Training for Kids & Teenagers... READ MORE

Teenage Exercise.. The Benefits... READ MORE

Teenage Body Image & Self Esteem... READ MORE

Children's Yoga for Stress... READ MORE

Tennis Lessons for Kids Fitness... READ MORE


Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness in the UAE... READ MORE

Exercise in the Workplace... READ MORE

How Personal Training can help Employees... READ MORE


Nutrition & Diet

3 Key Parts to Any Good Diet"...  READ MORE

Meal Planning Basics.. READ MORE

Food, What to Eat & When... READ MORE

Vegetarian Protein Sources for Muscle Gain.. READ MORE

Abs start in the Kitchen... READ MORE

Snack less but feel full for longer.... READ MORE

Pregnancy & Fasting during Ramadan... READ MORE

Avoiding Weight Gain during Ramadan... READ MORE

Healthy Eating Tips for Families... READ MORE


Personal Training

Should I be Exercising During Ramadan in the UAE... READ MORE

Exercise During Ramadan... READ MORE

5 Reasons You Can't Lose Weight... READ MORE

How to Exercise for Fat Loss.. READ MORE

Cycling in the UAE - Personal Trainer Tips... READ MORE

ABS Core Workout - Personal Trainer Tips... READ MORE

Wedding Weight Loss.. READ MORE

Tips to Get and Stay In Shape... READ MORE

TRX for Back Related Problems... READ MORE

Weight Lifting for Women... READ MORE

Circuit Training for Body Conditioning... READ MORE 

Affects of Skipping your Gym Session.. READ MORE

Working Out the Glutes & Legs... READ MORE

Fat Burning Workouts... READ MORE

Bootcamp Training.. Lose Fat Get Fit... READ MORE

Benefits of Cardio Boxing... READ MORE

Crossfit for Everyone... READ MORE

Boxing for Women... READ MORE

Training for Cycling Endurance.. READ MORE

Sports Injury Rehabilitation.. READ MORE

Realistic Monthly Weight Loss... READ MORE

Boxercise for Toning & Shaping your Body.... READ MORE

Free Weights V's Machine's Weights... READ MORE 

Health Benefits of Jiu Jitsu... READ MORE

How Pilates can help your Sports Training... READ MORE

Kick Boxing for Cardio... READ MORE

Cross Trainer V's Treadmill... READ MORE

Not seeing the Results you want... READ MORE

Exercising During Pregnancy... READ MORE

Exercise & Mental Health Benefits... READ  MORE

Male or Female Personal Trainer... READ MORE

5 Benefits of KickBoxing for Women... READ MORE

Senior Fitness & the right Qualified Trainer... READ MORE

PT in the Gym or at Home? which is best... READ MORE

Top 10 Function Training Exercise for Seniors... READ MORE

Zumba for Body Slimming... READ MORE

Fasting & Exercising During Ramadan... READ MORE

Best Times to Train during Ramadan... READ MORE

Preventing Muscle Loss in Ramadan... READ MORE

Top Tips for Safe Weight Loss... READ MORE

Tips for Boxing for Fitness... READ MORE

Long Term Weight Loss Tips... READ MORE

Exercise Machine or Free Weights?... READ MORE

Dumbbell Training for Arms... READ  MORE

10 Questions to ask your Personal Trainer... READ MORE

Pregnancy & when to start Training... READ MORE



Tennis for Body Toning... READ MORE

Stretching for Tennis Players... READ MORE

Strength Training to Improve your Tennis Skills... READ MORE

Tennis Lessons for Kids Fitness... READ MORE



Swimming for Babies.. READ MORE

Swimming for Kids Fitness... READ MORE

Swimming Benefits for Seniors... READ MORE

Swim for Fitness & Improved Health.. READ MORE

What is the best stroke for Swimming Fitness... READ MORE



Yoga in the UAE - Downward Facing Dog... READ MORE

Power Yoga - What it is and is it right for you?... READ MORE

Yoga for Core Workouts... READ MORE 

Yoga for Beginners... READ MORE  

Yoga for Pre Natal Back Pain... READ MORE

Vinyasa Yoga.. What is Vinyasa Flow?... READ MORE 

Children's Yoga for Stress... READ MORE

The Benefits of Pre Natal Yoga.. READ MORE

How does Yoga help with back pain.. READ MORE

Which Style of Yoga is good for you?... READ  MORE

Yoga Class V Private Yoga which is best for you?... READ MORE

Benefits of Yoga During Ramadan... READ MORE

Yoga Benefits for Pre Natal Women... READ MORE


Exercise is a must for children... READ MORE 


Obesity as Parents call on experts to help obese children... READ MORE


UAE schools and parents as they ‘must unite’ for children as obesity threat grows... READ MORE 



PODCAST INTERVIEW -  Maria Inglis, Ladypreneur & Partner of Advantage Sports UAE Advantage Sports UAE.

Matt Inglis Managing Director of Advantage Sports UAE plays tennis champion Tim Henman OBE retired worlds No 4 at Abu Dhabi Golf Championship