Saadiyat Beach Golf Club

Saadiyat Beach Golf Club harnesses the stunning natural beauty of Saadiyat Island to create an unparalleled experience, made all the more rewarding with spectacular views of the Gulf’s glittering blue waters fringed by pristine white sands.


As the Arabian Gulf’s first beachfront course, it provides a breathtaking variety of golf experiences with every hole having its own unique character.  The course has been designed with sensitivity to the surrounding natural environment and in compliance with strict environmental guidelines.


Saadiyat Beach Golf Club has been designed with strict environmentally friendly guidelines and a true sensitivity to the surrounding natural environment.


Grass species:

Greens: Mini Verde Ultra Dwarf Bermuda (Cynodon spp).

Tees: Mini Verde Ultra Dwarf Bermuda (Cynodon spp).

Fairway/rough: Tifway 419 Bermuda grass, (Cynodondactylon).

Rough/native area: Combination of drought tolerant grasses including Sand Dropseed, Swing Side Oats Grama, Grace Blue Grama, Safari Tef and Firegrasses.


Type of flora:

Palm trees.

Native Dune Grasses.


Type of wildlife:

Mountain Gazelles.

Humpback Dolphins.

Green & Hawksbill Turtles and multiple types of other marine life.

Migrating Birds including European Rollers, Curlews and European Bee-aters to name but a few.