WE ARE THE BEST PART OF OUR GUEST'S DAY, EVERYDAY. The founder, Faisal, envisioned a name without the word ‘fitness’. A word which described motivation and energy to come back again and again. That’s when he came up with ‘Adrenagy’ – a combination of Adrenaline and Energy.


Adrenagy is not a ‘Gym’; it’s a Club, In a gym, you pay for the use of equipment like treadmill.

In Adrenagy club, you come to interact with people of common interest. Its not about the equipment or facilities; its people who make the club. We believe people thrive more in groups. From your first visit, you will feel strong sense of community and how it differs

from other places. 


Motivation for every guest. A place where everyone is focused on his aim. A place where

people arrive with determination and leave with high morale. Where people stop wishing and start doing.