Football in Abu Dhabi

Advantage Sports Football Academy in Abu Dhabi is the place to be this coming term, we offer an exciting experience for your children to learn to play like their heroes. 


We offer a fantastic environment for our children to enhance and develop their football skills as well as develop much needed off-pitch abilities such as; making friends, socializing, improving self confidence and discipline. 


Every day the children will learn and practice new skills before they’re put into practice on ‘Game Day’. This day, parents are encouraged to come down and watch the skills their children have learned, put into practice!


We make the experience unforgettable as we bring the Academy to life through chants and challenges. Each child will also receive a certificate at the end of the term to reward them for their newly acquired abilities.


The Academy in Abu Dhabi is open to both boys and girls from ages 5-14 and of all abilities.


Let’s make your children the Messi’s and Ronaldo’s of tomorrow.