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Nutrition  · 10 March 2019
Many people who choose to use a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or the UAE in general will often benefits from 'meal planning'

Yoga & Pilates · 04 March 2019
Working on your core should be part of any fitness routine. How can yoga in the UAE help with core strengthening & conditioning?

Personal Training · 24 February 2019
Training and exercising incorrectly can cause back problems. Can TRX help with back pain and also rehab for back problems?

Tennis · 03 February 2019
Tennis is definately an energetic sport but you can also enjoy tennis as a way to tone and shape your body too.

Kids Fitness · 27 January 2019
UAE Football - A Fun Way To Add Some Fitness To Children's Activities..In this Q&A Tobe answers some important question about football for kids and the health benefits associated with it.

Swimming · 13 January 2019
What other training methods can be used to increase a performance...

Personal Training · 06 January 2019
This week we find out how to keep going with your fitness routine, stay positive and not take the easy way out falling back in to bad habits.

General · 01 January 2019
We can simply not believe how quickly 2018 has flashed by, and how we are have reached our 4th Anniversary in Abu Dhabi this month.