Kids Fitness · 02 June 2019
Getting kids to embrace a healthy lifestyle is no easy feat – after all, what child voluntarily eats broccoli?

General · 26 May 2019
Interested in helping your employees lead a fitter, healthier lifestyle? Man hours lost and workplace injuries are just a couple of examples where implementing a corporate wide health and fitness system. With the aid of specialist companies like Advantage Sports UAE your business need not suffer from many of the elements associated with absenteeism and an unfit workforce.

Nutrition  · 19 May 2019
Whether to fast or not to fast if you pregnant in the UAE is confusing to many women. We asked a female PT in Abu Dhabi for her thoughts on the subject.

Personal Training · 12 May 2019
Hiring a personal trainer in the UAE for your personal fitness is a step in the right direction to leading a fit and healthy life. What happens when you don't see the results you expected?

Swimming · 05 May 2019
Swimming is great for fitness - we asked personal trainers what their favourite swimming stroke is and why.

Yoga & Pilates · 28 April 2019
Yoga provides so many benefits to pre natal women in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. Staying active during your pregnancy can also help you post partum phase too.

Kids Fitness · 21 April 2019
Teenage Years - It can be a difficult time for many teenagers in the UAE

Nutrition  · 14 April 2019
Irregular eating times during the Holy month can cause men and women in the UAE to gain excessive weight but there are ways you can limit weight gain during Ramadan

Personal Training · 07 April 2019
Kickboxing is more popular than ever in the UAE - How does it help with women's fitness

Yoga & Pilates · 31 March 2019
Does practicing Yoga provide general fitness benefits and if so which style of Yoga is best for general fitness?

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