Personal Training

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With “Advantage Personal Training” we are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals. We strive to provide you with the best personal trainers in the industry and each of our staff is qualified to the highest standard.


You will benefit from the expertise of our team of trainers in Abu Dhabi helping you to gain the knowledge needed to achieve your Fitness goals along with encouragement and motivation to keep you on track.


Each of our trainers also holds a specialist qualification ranging from yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, massage and nutrition etc. As a client of “Advantage Personal Training” you are able to take advantage of all the expertise we have to offer during your block of sessions.


Our fitness team is on hand to provide you with support and to ensure you are reaching your fitness goals and are entirely happy with all aspects of our services.


“We are not just Personal Training; we are your advantage in fitness”.


Training Solutions With “ADVANTAGE”


Why take personal training?


Our key objectives are to ensure that our clients see results and achieve their fitness goals.

Do you feel you are gaining the most from your current exercise programme?


If not, now is the time to add personal training to your exercise regime. A personal trainer will help you gain maximum benefit from the time you spend exercising by improving your technique; increasing your motivation, introducing variety and helping you fully understand the potential of yourself both physically and mentally.


Personal training will lead to achievement and fulfillment as you have the great advantage in undivided attention of an exercise professional.


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