Pilates & Yoga Instructors


Yoga Instructor


Nationality: South African


Training Experience: 3 years


Locations: Abu Dhabi


Languages: English & Afrikaans


Contact: info@advantagesportsuae.com


Leila is a South African Level 3 Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer. She has always had an interest in physical activity; participating in cross country and long distance swimming events during school, lifting weights in gym and discovering yoga in her early 20’s and recently completing half marathons and obstacle course races. She has been working in the fitness industry since 2014, teaching both group and private one-on-one classes. She has been with Advantage Sports in Abu Dhabi since 2015. Helping others to improve their quality of life through physical movement, correct alignment, body awareness and breathing is important to Leila. She is committed to helping her clients find their unique balance by strengthening and empowering clients.


Training Style:

Leila communicates clearly with clients and guides them gently yet firmly. She is able to create a comfortable, safe environment for clients to explore and challenge their bodies whilst working towards their goals.

Yoga: Hatha yoga, vinyasa flow, yin yoga, yin/yang flow. Depending on the client’s energy levels, Leila will adjust her classes to suit the client’s needs and physical fitness level. 

PT: TRX (suspension training), Kettlebells, body weight exercises, HIIT. Training programmes are planned according to each individual’s goals and current fitness levels, keeping in mind their other daily commitments.



Yoga & PT experience coupled with industry standard qualifications demonstrate a trainers ability to provide you with the best possible methods to reach your personal goals.  Leila’s qualifications include: 

200 hour YTT (Canada)


Level 3 Personal Training (South Africa)


Reiki Level 1

CPR First Aid



Relaxation, stress reduction, flexibility training, breathing.

TRX, HIIT training, strength training, weight loss.


“Without challenge, there is no change”





Yoga Instructor 


Nationality: Brazilian


Experience: 2 years 


Location: Abu Dhabi


Languages: English, Portuguese


Luciana from Brazil started her fitness journey through “Samba” which is the rhythmical dance of Afro-Brazilian origin mixed with origins of “Maxixe” (Brazilian Tango). Later from there she followed her family’s roots and experimented with Capoeira (Martial arts combined with dance, acrobatics & music.

Luciana has always been active, but through the years her hobby became a passion in which she then fell with Yoga. Luciana’s want and understanding /knowledge then developed when she completed her 200 hours Hatha Yoga teaching course in 2016.

Through this journey and her experience she grew a love fro Yoga, which allowed her to experience and enable her to rejuvenate her body, mind & soul.

Luciana teaches private and groups classes in Abu Dhabi, helping each client to develop their physical health, mental wellbeing and too overcome their personal limits with motivation and love.


Training Style: 

Friendly training using techniques from Hatha Yoga focused on anatomy alignments, and breathing techniques makes this practice available for everyone and her own philosophy is safety first.

Luciana has personalized a combined a sequence of movements in the classes for every injury and healthy condition using objects such as blocks and belts to improve the stretch with a relaxed environment together with a great playlist that will bring a smile to your heart.


She is “be happy” Instructor who is always smiling and shows compassion towards her clients.



When looking for a professional Yoga Coach in Abu-Dhabi you want to know how qualified your trainer is. Luciana’s qualifications include:

  • RYTT Yoga Alliance 
  • CPR First AID


Luciana specializes Hatha Yoga and focused on Relaxation, stress reduction, flexibility training and breathing. 


REPS No: In Process


Pilates Coach


Nationality: Jordanian


Training Experience: 13 years


Locations: Abu Dhabi


Languages: English & Arabic


Contact: info@advantagesportsuae.com



Monee is Group Exercise Manager and Personal Trainer with over 13 years experience in the fitness industry. Jordanian, born in Germany and studied in the UK with Level 2 – 3 Gym Instructor, Level 2-3 Personal Trainer (REPS UAE), Zumba , Pilates , Les Mills Body Combat , Indoor Cycling Les Mills, Shebam Les Mills & First Aid Certificate. Monee has worked in the UK, Jordan, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Monee loves to help others change their life using the latest fun, active exercise methods. Her passion to fitness and love to Dance and Zumba makes her sessions full of fun, motivating challenging.


Personal Training Style:

To Monee exercise is an important, meaningful part of daily living.  Although our schedules are busy, she believes exercise should be incorporated to become routine.  Monee is an ardent supporter that exercise can prevent health problems and improve quality of life, and she looks forward to helping everyone achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals. Monee’s love of fitness started at an early age with team sports.  She grew up playing Football, Cycling Dancing and since then has added Running and Pilates. Her sessions will be a combination of functional Training, Cardio using the latest fitness equipment to get reach-to-reach fitness goals, strength, power, loosing weight and much more.



When looking for a professional female coach in Abu Dhabi you will want to know how qualified your trainer is, Monee offers Level 2 – 3 Gym Instructor, Level 2-3 Personal Trainer (REPS UAE), Zumba , Pilates , Les Mills Body Combat , Indoor Cycling Les Mills, Shebam Les Mills & First Aid Certificate.



Monee specialties include Level 2-3 Personal Training and General Group Exercise Fitness Classes. If you are looking for sports specific training, weight loss, muscle mass, toning, strength or to improve your flexibility Monee will be with you in every step to get to your goals.


Circuit Training

Functional Training

Core Training

Sport-Specific Training

Power & Speed Enhancement


Weight loss



Body combat







Yoga Coach


Nationality: Hungarian


Training Experience: 15 years


Locations: Abu Dhabi


Languages: English, Hungarian & Italian


Contact: info@advantagesportsuae.com



Sylvia is a highly experienced and advanced Yoga Coach, Level 3 Personal Trainer and Elite Level Gymnastics Coach.  She has a master degree in Physical Education and Sport science and a variety of teaching and sports coaching certifications.  She's an elite professional Gymnast and competed internationally where she was a member of the Hungarian National team. She has over 15 years of teaching and coaching experience. She lived in the UK for ten years where she expanded her teaching and coaching experiences; which helped her gain several additional qualifications. Apart from adults, working with children is very important part of her life. She has been teaching a range of children Age 3 to 18 for Gymnastics, Yoga and Fitness over the past 15 years. She builds a very inspiring and strong bond with them to motivate and give her very best knowledge to achieve their full potential from beginners to advanced level.


Training Style:

Sylvia is a charismatic, energetic and passionate teacher and she ensures every client receives customised and expert instruction within any personalised program.  Sylvia uses her wide experience and knowledge to motivate and support her clients to meet their objectives, be it for physical fitness, spiritual development or overall enhancement of wellness.  Her expertise in the use of various equipment, techniques and custom program design, ensures her clients are positively driven to successfully reach their personal goals and target specific needs. 



Masters Degree in Physical Education and Sports Science; Advanced Yoga Instructor (200hrs-Hatha Yoga, 200hrs Ashtanga Yoga, 200hrs Vinyasaza Yoga, 100hrs Power Yoga), Children Yoga Instructor, Flexibility Training Specialist; Artistic Gymnastic Coach (over 15yrs); Level 2 Gym Instructor, Level 3 Advanced Gym Instructor, Level 3 REPs UAE Personal Trainer, TRX GSTC, Level 3 Sports Nutrition & Weight Management, Sports Conditioning & Sports Injuries, Body Massage Therapist, First Aid Certificate. These certifications ensure you are in professional hands when it comes to what you want and need to achieve for your training goals.



As an International trainer in Abu Dhabi, Sylvia’s specialisation spans Flexibility Training, Fat Loss & Weight Management, Multi-Level Yoga Instruction, Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics based on the foundations of sound physical fitness training.  The choice to train with Sylvia is a positive choice that will set you on a certain path towards health, happiness, personal and spiritual growth, anchored within a strong fitness methodology.    


REPS No: In Process



Pilates Coach


Nationality: Portuguese


Training Experience: 12 years


Locations: Abu Dhabi


Languages: English, Spanish & Portuguese 


Contact: info@advantagesportsuae.com 


Tiago has always been passionate about Sport, practicing various modalities, such as swimming, football and tennis. Being a Personal Trainer has always been his main professional goal. He has 12 years of training experience and a high academic level in the field of exercise, health and sport. Improving the health and physical condition of his clients, are his daily targets. Now based in Abu Dhabi, Tiago has the opportunity to invest his knowledge and experience acquired during these years, so you can help any client to reach their goals safely and effectively.


Training Style:

Tiago likes to plan and put into practice training sessions adjusted to his clients goals, intervening in a relaxed but professional way. The client and  their health are always in first place and the focus on improving their quality of life is a constant theme in all sessions and packages.



When looking for a professional personal trainer in Abu Dhabi you will want to know how qualified your trainer is. Tiago has a wealth of experience including qualifications in: 

Degree in Sports Science

Master Degree in Physical Education Teaching

Post-Graduation in Rehabilitation Medicine in Exercise and Sports.

Personal Trainer Certification

Certified Personal Trainer (Level 3 – REPS UAE)

Functional-High Intensity Interval Training Certification (TRX, BOSU, LEBBERT; KETTLEBELL)

Functional and Postural Evaluation Certification

Suspension Trainer Certification

VIPR International Certification

EXS Performance (Biomechanics, Articular Physiology and Muscle Physiology)

Mobility & TriggerPoints Certification

Pilates Matwork Certification  

Clinical Exercise Course

Nutrition Vocational Training Course

First Aid Certificate

Level 1 Tennis Coach, FPT



Tiago works daily with a variety of objectives and specialties, such as Weight Loss, Strength and Condition, Shape and Muscle Toning, Sports Performance Optimization and Exercise and Sports Rehabilitation.

However in recent years has been focusing on two emerging areas, Weight Loss and Rehabilitation. Tiago was called upon for his expertise and participated in the Biggest Loser TV program, so he´s one of the experts in Weight Loss.



"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe”. Start training now and reach your goals.