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Advantage Sports UAE are delighted to share our new column with media partners Abu Dhabi World "Ask the Expert"... together we will be bringing you expert columns from trainers at Advantage Sports to help bust a few myths and help guide you in your fitness goals.

  • How to banish your diet and weight loss issues..  READ MORE
  • "Food for Fuel" and how what you eat impacts your workout... READ MORE
  • "How can practicing yoga help you in your health goals? .. READ MORE
  • "Dreaming of a six pack but don’t know where to start? ..READ MORE
  • "Say bye-bye to your bulge and learn how to achieve your fitness goals" ... READ MORE
  • "How to keep up your fitness routine during the holy month?"... READ MORE
  • "How to kick on with cardio and master calories"... READ MORE
  • "Pregnancy fitness, weight loss and nutrition"... READ MORE
  • "7 tips to find yourself a fantastic food plan" ... READ MORE
  • "How to stay motivates and achieve your goals".... READ MORE
  • "New to the Gym?, Learn good etiquette for working out".... READ MORE 
  • "How to stay on track with your fitness during Ramadan".... READ MORE 



Advantage Sports UAE are delighted to share our top tips and articles from trainers at Advantage Sports to help bust a few myths and help guide you in your fitness goals. Click on the topic that you're keen to learn more on and hopefully your questions will be answered:


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