Corporate Wellness

All leading employers are passionate about their duty of care to their hard working workforce and we are just as passionate about supporting their goals and vision and making it a reality by creating a wellness collaboration and partnering to share the vision together.


For companies wishing to experience the maximum return on investment from their wellness initiatives, Advantage Sports Comprehensive Wellness Programs offer short & long programs that engage employees and their families on an ongoing basis.


Wellness initiatives encourage long-term participation by reaching out to employees and their families throughout the year. This is most certainly the best way for participants to achieve their health and fitness goals.


Advantage Comprehensive Wellness Programs Options Include:

8-week Holiday Weight Maintenance Program

12-week Fitness / Fat Loss Program

Healthy Lifestyle Program

Wellness Newsletters

On-Site Fitness Programs

Off-Site Fitness Programs


Fitness Elements Include:

Personal Training

TRX Suspension Training

Fitness Classes, Zumba, LBT, Body Blast, Metafit, Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Kettlebells, Bootcamp, Muay Thai Boxing etc

Swimming Academy

Tennis Academy  

Multi Sports Program  


Events Include:

Annual Employee Sports and Wellness Interactive Awareness Days

Bi Annual Fitness and Lifestyle Evaluations

Quarterly Seminars – Work/Life/Live Balance, Fitness Management Etc

Monthly Lunch & Learn Seminars.


Every element can be written to suit each company and their employee demographics.


Comprehensive Wellness Programs are the future and more and more companies are leading by example and offering this new initiative to their employees. As Employers we all have a duty of care to our staff and research has also show that it is cost-effective to invest in screenings, health appraisals, behavioral coaching, fitness, and health awareness.


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