Advantage Sports started in Dubai in 2011, Matthew Inglis founder and owner launched the company to follow his passion and embrace his 20 years of Tennis Coaching and share his knowledge with the youth of today. 


In 2014 Advantage Sports expanded into Abu Dhabi, where Matthew partnered with his wife Maria to add more sports and diversification to the brand to support the ever-growing demand for sporting activities in the UAE. The company’s operations have since been consolidated to one Emirate in the UAE basing all operations and activities out of Abu Dhabi. 


Today "Award Winning" Advantage Sports Services is one of the most respected and well-known sports training companies in the UAE, are market leaders in Community Wellness and are well known for their sporting and fitness programs in the Abu Dhabi. Advantage have partnered with various venues, corporates and educational institutes due to their reputation for the high quality of training programs on offer including: Tennis, Swimming, Functional Training Classes, Personal Training & Corporate Wellness.


Advantage Sports Services is proud to say that they have some of the most qualified and experienced sports professionals in the UAE, and base their expertise on “quality and not quantity” in every class.


You will benefit from the expertise of our team of trainers helping you to gain the knowledge needed to achieve your Fitness goals along with encouragement and motivation to keep you on track.


 “Advantage Personal Training" are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals. We strive to provide you with the best personal trainers in the industry and each of our staff is qualified to the highest standard. The Personal Training Fitness team is built on reputation and demand for our team of professionals.


“Advantage Swimming” in Abu Dhabi have fourteen fixed locations and teach over 1500 students per week from the age of 6 months in their Aqua Baby classes through to Adult Advanced Swimmers and Triathlon Professionals.  


“Advantage Tennis” is one of this one of the market leaders in tennis-coaching in the UAE and are primary based at St Regis Resort on Saadiyat Island. Our Tennis Programs provide group coaching and private lessons to all ages and abilities ranging from 4 years old through to adults. 


“Advantage Corporate Wellness” All leading employers are passionate about their duty of care to their hard-working workforce and we are just as passionate about supporting their goals and vision and making it a reality by creating a wellness collaboration and partnering to share the vision together. 

OUR MISSION - Advantage Sports Services strives to provide the ultimate in Sports & Fitness expertise. Our long-term vision and aim is to continually offer the highest quality training programs for the adults & youth of today and our future leaders.


We not only help promote healthy lifestyles but we help people maximize their full potential to be the best they can. 


“We are not just personal training; we are your advantage in sports & fitness”.



  • Equality, we treat every person as equally valuable.
  • Excellence, provide high quality service. We never settle for mediocre attitudes, efforts or outcomes.
  • Honour, We work hard knowing our jobs matter to others.
  • Leadership, to be the leaders in fitness/ sports and personal development.
  • Truth, We speak the truth even when inconvenient.
  • Unity, We act as a team for causes greater than ourselves.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - Advantage Sports are keen to embrace Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in as many aspects as possible. CSR refers to business practices involving initiatives that benefit society, and we are active in many ways locally and internationally.


Environmental Efforts – Migration to an electronic system to reduced our paper Carbon Footprint.


Philanthropy – Charitable Donations to local and international causes such as Make a Wish, Box Appeal & Unicef.


Ethical Labor Practices – Enhanced benefits to all employees to ensure best working opportunities are available for everyone.


Volunteering – Employees often donate their time and expertise to schools and businesses in the UAE offering an insight into health & wellness to support a healthier and more knowledgeable tomorrow.


Advantage Sports are always continuing to encompass new ways of expanding its CRS policy and are very passionate about a better tomorrow.