The Benefits of Pre Natal Yoga

Yoga provides so many benefits to pre natal women in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. Staying active during your pregnancy can also help you post partum phase too.


Many women in the UAE are still unsure whether they can (or should) exercise during pregnancy. In your opinion as a professional female personal trainer in Abu Dhabi with knowledge of training pre-natal women what would you say at the top 6 benefits of training and exercise for mothers to be and how often should pregnant women exercise?


All women are different, and every pregnancy is different. First off, ensure you have been cleared for exercise by your healthcare professional. If necessary, get a second opinion. There may be an underlying reason why your doctor may not want you to exercise, or perhaps the first doctor is being overly cautious. Do not begin a new exercise regime if you have not been cleared to do so. Doctor’s usually advise walking, prenatal yoga and swimming as safe activities expectant moms can participate in. If you are an athlete or having been training/weight lifting for many years, it may be safe for you to continue training, albeit, modified and advisably under the supervision of a prenatal trained professional.


That being said, staying active during pregnancy is important, not only during the pregnancy, but post-partum as well.


Exercise helps to increase circulation, moving blood, oxygen, hormones and nutrients around the body and to the developing baby.


Exercise can help improve the quality of sleep and may decrease prenatal discomfort such as nausea and fatigue.


Exercise can improve posture and help prevent lower back discomfort.


Prenatal yoga can help calm the mind and soothe anxiety, as well as stretch out tired muscles and release tension (eg in the lower back, where pain/discomfort is common).

Prenatal yoga in the UAE increases strength, stamina, patience and acceptance.


Prenatal yoga helps prepare for birth, increasing strength and tone of the pelvic floor.


Prenatal yoga teaches breathing techniques which may be useful during labour.


Prenatal yoga can help balance the endocrine system, reducing mood swings.


Prenatal yoga can also assist with decreasing swelling of the legs and ankles.



Group prenatal classes can build strong communities, where expectant moms can gain advice, support and make new friends with other women going through the same experiences.


The healthier you are during your pregnancy, the quicker you will recover from labour and birth.


The body (and mind) needs to stay strong, as caring for a new born is a demanding, time consuming task. Staying active during pregnancy and, when given the all clear, post-partum, helps new moms cope both physically and mentally.

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