3 Key Parts To Any Good Diet In The UAE

Not that many of you will care about dieting in the UAE, whilst sat next to the swimming pool on your holidays…But just something to think about before we hit the, ‘Summer is now over – mad rush to get fit for Xmas!’ period.….I did just use that word….


Before you embark on another Diet, just consider these 3 things.

Every good diet should, above all else, abide by these three main principles


1. It should add to, not take away from your life

Remember – You own your diet, your diet doesn’t own you.

2. It should be as easy as possible to stick to (enjoyment and adherence)


If you’re following a diet that you hate, sure you may make progress for a few weeks, but is constantly yo-yo’ing (lose weight, gain weight), a healthy way to live?


3. It should provide you with the nutrients to fuel your training, and keep you healthy


Your diet should first and foremost address health and longevity, desire second.


This means consuming vegetables, fruits, fiber, healthy fats, whole grains, lean proteins etc on a daily basis. If a diet is missing one of these it’s most likely to fail in the long haul.


Dropping a jeans size in 14 days sounds great, but not when 3 months later you’ve put it all back on, and now have 2 jeans sizes to lose.


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