TRX Training For Back Pain

If you exercise regularly and experience a back problem there are ways you can still train - TRX is a great training method to rehabilitate and prevent further injury.


Back pain and problems in the UAE are caused for a wide range of reasons. Over training and even sitting for too long can cause back ache. Training in Abu Dhabi or Dubai when you are injured does have risks but under the guidance of a qualified TRX personal trainer in the UAE you can still exercise.


TRX training is a popular option for a total body workout using a minimum of fitness equipment. Is it possible with TRX to target individual muscles, those of the back for example?

Yes its possible, by just simply change the grip and the angle or line of pull of the muscle.


As a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi with TRX training experience do you think TRX would be suitable for those with back related injury problem, if so why?

TRX could definitely be one of the tools used for people with back related problems in the UAE. First you can take it with everywhere because many TRX setups are portable, secondly you can target pretty much every muscle of your back. As a suspension tool you can adjust the exercise intensity by moving in this case back or foward, requires more activation of the core muscles providing good postural alignemment aswell of the snyrgists and stabalizers. Therefore you will have more muscle activation.


Back injuries can be associated with incorrect exercise training techniques. Can TRX strengthen all of the back muscles to help reduce the risk of future injuries?

TRX as a form of exercise can be easily integrated as part of the recovery and rehabilitation process and can also be used as a tool to build more strength during your training sessions.


TRX is something that people can do at home with just basic TRX equipment. In your professional opinion do you think advanced TRX methods should only be done under supervision – i.e with a personal trainer?

All advanced methods of any kind should be done under supervision, TRX is no exception, its more common to make mistakes in a TRX workout than on a stationary workout/exercise machine. TRX requires more motor control like coordination and proper muscle activation.


For those who already use or are experienced with TRX training in the UAE can you provide a few workout examples which are beneficial for those who suffer from back pain/back injury?


Always keep in mind, proper body alignment is very important. (3×15)


Smi pronated rows

V Pulls

Push up


Bulgarian Splits

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