Tennis For Body Toning In The UAE

Tennis provides an all over body workout. Whether you are new to Tennis in the UAE or a seasoned pro playing tennis regularly can help you stay in shape.


If you are thinking about adding a sports element to your personal exercise regime tennis in Dubai or Abu Dhabi might be right for you. Tennis keeps you active, can help you lose weight and because you will be using multiple muscle groups it also helps tone and sculpt the body.


Without doubt, playing tennis requires a certain level of overall fitness but as a professional tennis coach in Dubai do you think tennis can be used as an exercise method for body toning?

Yes tennis can use exercise for body toning is because you have to Run/move your lower body/upper body/especially arms/shoulder/chest/back/legs/ All this movement does provide an all-over body workout including cardio and endurance.


For someone who wants to use a sporting activity as a method of fitness do you think starting to play tennis is a good choice for any age group in the UAE?

Yes, playing tennis is fun and enjoyable, especially for kids and teenagers in the UAE. When they play a group tennis lesson they are having fun hitting the balls running around enjoying them self – at the same time as getting important, regular exercise.


For body toning in general what are the major upper and lower body muscle groups used when playing tennis?

In tennis the major body toning is in upper body is shoulder/chest/arms. In the lower body the muscles of the hips and legs are provided with a good workout for stability.


Can tennis also be used to focus on particular areas of body toning, for example the arms?

Yes, like using weights playing tennis can focus on muscle groups such as the shoulders, arms, legs, chest and back. Playing tennis regularly can also help maintain your body shape.


As a personal tennis coach in Dubai what would be your top tips for using tennis as a method of body toning and can you explain why you think these tips work?

In my 6 years as a professional tennis coach I have found that for me tennis can be used as a method of body toning. Tennis can also help a person lose weight and it will it will give u muscles particularly arms/shoulders/chest/legs/back.

In tennis you have to run to chase the ball that’s makes you which is also a great form of cardio exercise.

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    Could you please provide a price structure for tennis coaching.