Increase your Swimming Performance with these Personal Trainer Tips


What other training methods can be used to increase a performance...

In the UAE swimming is a low-impact aerobic activity that allows you to strengthen important muscle groups, such as shoulders, backs, legs and abdomen. However, to feel comfortable in the water you need to practice a lot, because swimming requires special movements and use of muscles that are not often used out of the water.


With the right knowledge, exercise and a positive attitude you can get great results from your workouts. Using a qualified swimming fitness instructor in Dubai or Abu Dhabi can help. For best swimming performances I advise my clients to warm up outside the pool (10 to 20 minutes) before swimming.


Make stretches for the back of the thighs, plank, abdominal crunch, and burpees.

Out of the water, you still have the ability to improve your swimming style and boost your muscles. Practise  leg kicking  is a great core training. Lie on your back and join your hands under the buttocks. Raises legs slightly, then moves them up and down alternately. Continue for 30 seconds, then rest and repeat.


Improve your plank. It is a very effective body exercises that strengthen the upper body as well as the lower body, shoulders, arms and buttocks.


Take the bending position. Enlarge your arms slightly over your shoulders

Keep your legs straight, leaning on your hands and contract your buttocks to stabilize the body, Align your head to your back, Keep the position for 20 seconds. Make sure your legs do not support any pressure. Repeat the exercise when you feel ready. Do your free body exercises such as:

20-30 abdominals

5-10 traction

10-15 squats

Rest for one minute and repeat


Try other sports out of the water or even use a sports fitness personal trainer in the UAE. By continuing to work the cardiovascular system when you have no chance to swim, you will be able to stay fit. Football for example is a great sport to test your lungs and muscles.


What Exercises are best to Increase Upper Body Strength...

In order to improve upper body strength I advice exercises for the articular mobility of shoulders as circles and even better elastic stretch exercises to strengthen the shoulders.

Core stability: exercises to strengthen abdominal and lumbar muscles both static and dynamic, this is one of my favourite exercise.


Nutritional Recommendations for Improved Performance...

During exercise in Abu Dhabi and Dubai it is important to take a sip of water when required. If the training session is long an energy drink with added sugars can be consumed, it is important to cautiously treat the hydration. It is a good habit to eat one hour before the class mainly from carbohydrates, with a moderate amount of protein and fat.


Post class: Hypothetically at the end of swimming session, I would recommend you eat a snack such as protein bar, small sandwich, yogurt  and fruits or cheese and fruits. For the main meal that will follow the workout there are no particular indications to observe, apart from having a balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins and fat.


Training for Increasing performance in the pool...  

I would suggest two/three training sessions a week. Two training sessions are the minimum to maintain the benefits (unless you alternate with other sports). Instead, three swimming sessions in the UAE will guarantee fast progress for example improving strokes, increase speed, lose weight and muscle strengthening.

Also for beginner I advice two times a week, with classes reduced to 30 minutes until confident enough to do 45/60 minutes.


Top 5 tips for beginners who want to increase their overall swimming performance...

Always attend your swimming classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah.

Practice makes perfect. Practice your swimming as often as possible.

At some point everyone inhales water through the nose – don’t get put off by this.

Challenge yourself; make a step forward each time.

Remember, everybody can swim so bring with you your “I CAN DO IT ATTIDUTE”

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