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Advantage Sports started in Dubai in 2011, Matthew Inglis founder and owner launched the company to follow his passion and embrace his 20 years of coaching and share his knowledge and love of sport with the youth of today. 


In 2014 Advantage Sports expanded into Abu Dhabi, where Matthew partnered with his wife Maria to add more sports and diversification to the brand to support the ever-growing demand for sporting activities in the UAE.


Today Advantage Sports Services is one of the most respected and well-known sports training companies in the UAE, are market leaders in their field and are well know for their sporting and fitness programs in the Emirates. Advantage have partnered with various venues, corporates and educational institutes due to their reputation for the high quality of training programs on offer including: Tennis, Swimming, Football, Functional Training Classes and Personal Training. 

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Advantage Sports UAE is one of the most respected sports coaching companies operating in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Our Tennis, Fitness, Swimming Football and Personal Training programs, for adults and children, are run by some of the most qualified and experienced sports professionals in the UAE.